The Key to Flavor: How to Select Fresh Fish at the Restaurant?

Hello fish enthusiasts! Today, we have an article for you where we will share the secrets of selecting fresh fish at restaurants. Don’t miss these tips to choose the freshest and most delicious seafood to enhance your dining experience.


Observation and Examination: The moment you step into the restaurant, you have taken an important step in selecting fresh fish. Examine the fish with your eyes. Fresh fish have bright, vibrant colors. Stay away from those that appear dull or pale.

Smell: Fresh fish have a light and pleasant smell of the sea. Sharp, unpleasant, or ammonia-like odors could be signs that they are not fresh.

Eyes: The fish’s eyes should be bright, clear, and vibrant. Cloudy or dull-looking eyes could indicate that the fish has lost its freshness.

Gills: The fish’s gills should be red or pinkish. If the gills are pale or brown, you should be concerned about the fish’s freshness.

Flesh Texture: The fish’s flesh should be elastic and firm. When you gently press it with your finger, it should not create an indentation and should return to its original state. Flesh that is not firm or falls apart can raise doubts about its freshness.

Pectoral Fin: The fish’s pectoral fin should be clear and shiny. Fins that appear pale or faded can be warning signs of the fish’s freshness.

Supply Chain: The restaurant’s fish supply chain is also important. Restaurants that source fresh fish from reliable suppliers often offer quality and delicious seafood.

Pay Attention to the Season: Choosing fish that are in season is important for freshness and flavor. Fish caught in their respective seasons offer the best taste.

Selecting fresh fish is the key to experiencing both a delicious and healthy meal. By paying attention to these factors when choosing fresh fish at the restaurant, you will be offered the best. You can also keep these tips in mind to fully enjoy the unique flavor of seafood.

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